About Lou

Lou is a self-proclaimed food critic and writes tasty recipes for healthier lifestyle. He learned different cooking techniques from growing up in a traditional Chinese family and experimenting different ingredients from dining out. His cooking habits are with low-salt, low-sugar, low-fat ingredients and yet still delicious.

陸易士自稱是吃貨及食品評論家,為健康的生活方式上撰寫美味食譜。 他在一個傳統的中國家庭長大,學習了不少烹飪技巧,並從菜館中嘗試了不同的食品成分。 他的烹飪習慣是用低鹽、低糖、低脂肪的食材,但仍然很爽口。

Lou enjoys sharing his local knowledge through blogging iYelpALOT.blogspot.com and cooking LouCanCook.blogspot.com. He seeks out new restaurants in the community by promoting through foodie events like Chinatown Crawl. He continues to help local businesses and restaurants by publishing on visit.ChinatownHTX.com and other outlets. 

陸易士是通過博客 iYelpALOT 來分享他的本地知識 #LouCanCook 美味食譜、《 Chinatown Crawl 華埠逛吃 活動使用 visit.ChinatownHTX.com 媒體來推廣休城華埠中新開的菜館

You can find additional bio at https://www.asiatowntourhtx.com/about

您可以在 https://www.asiatowntourhtx.com/about 找到陸易士另外簡歷

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