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Crawlers Alert 5/7/17: For today's menu click here. Please post your experience on Google | Yelp | Facebook. Also post your photos and videos on social media with #ChinatownCrawl and #LocalGuides if your are one. Thank you.

Since 2016, Chinatown Crawl has been a mixture of cultures teaching, food tasting, friendship building as well as enhancing commerce in Houston’s Chinatown community. The goal is to encourage local businesses to get involved and engaged with the foodie community.

During this 3 to 4 hour meetup, Crawlers will dine, shop and dessert while experiencing this diverse neighborhood in SW Houston called Chinatown.

Time for Taiwan UYE

Every quarter, there will be a significant celebration:
Q1 - Lunar New Year
Q2 - Asian Heritage Month
Q3 - Time for Taiwan
Q4 - Turn up the Heat Houston!

2016 Q2 - Asian Heritage Month (May) - 18 guests enjoyed the evening to experience shopping, dining and having dessert at Dun Huang Plaza. Check out the excitements at UYE: Asian Heritage Celebration @ Strings Noodle.
2016 Q3 - Time for Taiwan (August) - 20 guests enjoyed the evening to experience Taiwanese dinner, Taiwanese bakery and Taiwanese desserts at Time for Taiwan UYE @ Lai Lai Dumpling House.
2016 Q4 - Night Market Tapas (December) - 16 crawlers experienced night market style tapas on the street of Sichuan, Hubei and Hong Kong. We crawled 4 places during UYE: Night Market Tapas @ Metropole Center.

2017 Q1 - Hotpot Year of the Rooster UYE @ 75 Yummy Kitchen (February) - Guests experienced Sheep Scorpion style hotpot from Beijing.
2017 Q2 - Asian Heritage Month (May) - 25 guests experienced cuisines in different regions of China and famous skewers at UYE: Asian Heritage Celebration @ Xinjiang BBQ.
2017 Q3 - Time for Taiwan UYE at Tainan Bistro (August) - Celebrating annual Time for Taiwan Restaurant Month, guests will taste Taiwanese dishes and Taiwanese tea samples.
2017 Q4 - Turn Up the Heat at Sterling Plaza (Dec) - Guests will experience different hot and spicy food in different regions of China. We'll also shop at Hmart and stop at 85C Bakery Cafe for dessert.

2018 Q1 - Year of the Dog UYE (Feb)
2018 Q2 - Asian Heritage Month (June) - to promote HAAPI Film Festival in Chinatown.



To broaden the reach, I invited the guests to post photos with hashtag #ChinatownCrawl.
UYE: Unofficial Yelp Event - It means you pay for your own food.
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Reference World Journal on Dumpling Crawl “華埠饕客節”